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You can pick your friends, you can pick your apples…

But you can’t pick your friends’ apples! Or, maybe you can. I have people help me reach the good ones because I’m short – I assume some of you feel my pain.

I recently asked my friends where their favorite places to pick apples around New Haven/Middlesex Counties are and had some clear winners. I’ve been to a few, but I’m also relying on their reviews as well.

Easiest? Tie between two of my friends saying Stop & Shop and Big Y. They still get credit for answering the question. Brownie Apple points, guys. One was even a fellow realtor.

The three top favorites among my friends (spell check tells me amongst isn’t a word but I feel like it is):

Lyman Orchards (Middlefield)

Image result for lyman orchards

HUGE orchard with fields and fields of apples to pick from. They have other fruits to pick throughout the year, a corn maze (not as hard as I would have hoped, but fun nonetheless, especially splitting up from your friends and trying to beat them), and an amazing store where you can get veggies and fruits, pies, pastries, cider donuts, sandwiches, etc. There’s a pretty outdoor fountain and lots of deck space to sit on to enjoy your snacks. They often have events throughout the summer which are good for adults and kids alike (I saw some VERY cute baby goats last time). Only downside is this place can get PACKED and you may have to walk a bit after you park.

Bishop’s Orchards (Guilford)

Image result for bishop's orchards

Can only get there via diagonal roads.

A number of my friends said they love Bishop’s but nobody explained why (EVEN THOUGH I ASKED) so I’m resorting to Yelp to give me some insight since I’ve never been. Lisa says, ” Adorable farm grocery store with a little something for the whole family .” Alan says, ” Ice cream is very, very good.” Parvinder says, ” For the best selection of ready to pick right now apples, bishops drive you out in a tractor ” (well that’s pretty neat, actually). Bishop’s also appears to have wine and tastings, too.

Rogers Orchards (Southington)

Image result for roger's orchards

One of my friends said they have the best apples in the area. My friends generally don’t lie. Another friend made it a point to go there while visiting from out of state. Reviewers online say there’s not much extra to entertain kids there, but c’mon, apples are pretty enthralling on their own, no? Others mentioned fresh-from-the-oven cider donuts.

So these are the big three for now. Let me know if there are other awesome ones in the area I’ve left out and happy picking! (Also, tip, never wear flip flops to go apple picking – there WILL be mud somewhere and your flip flop will ssswunnnnnnk off your foot. Not from experience or anything…)

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