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Winter Potables

Today’s one of those dreary, cold, super icy days, so I thought looking up warm, cozy drinks would be a good idea. I’ve compiled a number of interesting new and old recipes, some from friends’ recommendations and others from online. Let me know if you have other warm winter drinkable favorites!

Basic Mixes

Image result for hot drink stock

A whole bag of marshmallows is still too few.

We don’t have to make everything complicated, especially when you can’t feel your fingers and it’s not safe to drive to the store! Some of my friends’ favorite simple drinks:

  1. Hot apple cider & rum

  2. Hot cocoa & peppermint schnapps

  3. Tito’s vodka & splash of cranberry

  4. Mexican hot chocolate – hot cocoa & a bit of chipotle and ground cinnamon

  5. Hot cocoa & a scoop of mint chocolate ice cream

  6. Easiest response from all my friends: “Gin.”

Not-so-basic Recipes

Authentic Masala Chai: Egg Nog: Coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog…so good!) (also, a giant ad for Goya products…) Mulled Wine: 13 Wintertime cocktails: Winter Lemonade: Earl Grey Hot Toddy:

Hopefully you find different ways to stay warm throughout the winter season and maybe these drinks can help! 🙂

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