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Where to Score FREE Moving Boxes

Moving is hard (and expensive!) enough without the extra headache of having to buy a bunch of boxes, only to not need them in a few weeks. Here are some places to find some no-cost boxes and materials before shelling out money to pack up your treasures.


Just call up Chandler or Monica and ask them what they've got. Seriously though, if you're on social media or you, *gasp*, call your friends the old-fashioned way, post to see if anyone you know has a bunch of boxes lying around. Chances are someone you know has at least a few or maybe some spare bubble wrap that they haven't completely popped yet.

2. Craigslist

As I post this on 6/11/21, the first result is a giant set of free boxes someone is giving away in West Haven! Click here to find the New Haven-based search for "boxes." You're bound to find at least one or two posts.

3. Nextdoor

If you haven't used Nextdoor, it's an app/website that lets you connect with just the people in your general neighborhood or area. Generally a neighbor has to invite you to join. This is a great place to either look for people giving their boxes away or where you can post that you're looking for boxes.

4. Any large retailers/box stores

Pop over to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples to see if they have any extra boxes. Staples may even have boxes with lids which can come in super handy. I have personally gotten boxes before from Dollar Tree! Believe it or not, I actually had to ship a guitar once and got a free guitar-shaped box from Sam Ash in New Haven - lifesaver!! Most of these stores don't use the boxes for anything after they've received their products - they just get recycled.

5. Freecycle or Buy Nothing groups

Wherever you live, I always recommend joining your local Freecycle or Buy Nothing groups. I can't even tell you how long I've been a member of these sorts of groups, but they're nothing short of amazing. Freecycle is usually an email-based group, whereas you can find Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. I just joined my local Buy Nothing group and I've been part of a women's-only Wallingford-specific Facebook group for a few years now. Great places to ask or look for moving boxes.

6. At work

I believe you stole my stapler

I don't recommend stealing boxes, but no harm in asking if your office has any boxes they can spare, especially if you work in a large building or for a large company. And if not, ask coworkers if they have any to spare, too.

7. Liquor Stores

If you're at the liquor store buying your 5th bottle of wine due to stress (nobody ever does that...), you might as well check if they have any boxes to spare. Often, they have boxes with little sections to fit bottles - these are great for sorting fragile items you may have (vases, ceramics, glasses) so they're a great option, too.

protect ya glass

Have you gotten any free boxes from any other sources? Let me know!

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