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Top 8 Coffee Shop Stops in New Haven County

If you're often on the road, like me, you probably crave a little pick me up from time to time. Of course there's the big chains, but if those aren't your vibe, you may want to check out the following coffee shops throughout New Haven county. A great way to support local businesses!

1. East Rock Coffee - New Haven

This cute little spot is on Cottage St is a great place to grab coffee, espresso, pastries, and sandwiches. They have about 4 tables inside and a few outside. Good place to have a quiet morning or a chat with a friend - don't keep your phone out here! Chat up someone new. Fun fact: in that crazy 2013 snowstorm (the one where we got 3 feet of snow) this was the ONLY place open with coffee nearby and I walked in about a mile of that snow to get here! Pro tip: if you drink coffee and date someone without a coffee machine, buy them a machine! :)

2. Crossroads - North Haven

This place just opened in April of 2021 and is a great addition to North Haven. They're eco-friendly and have amazing baked goods. They brew their coffee with beans from Perkatory (located in Middletown). They're in a small plaza on the Hartford Turnpike with plenty of parking.

3. Cheshire Coffee - Cheshire & Waterbury

Both locations are huge and come with a selection of drinks and food to match. They have tons of coffees, flavored lattes, and enough food to keep you full for days. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating - great for small groups or meeting clients. Both shops are located in plazas with easy parking. Pro tip: If you're going to meet someone there, make sure you tell them which location. I totally didn't go to the wrong one that one time...Sorry, T! (But that iced green tea was delicious!)

4. Common Grounds - Hamden & Branford

I love Common Grounds at either location! Both have comfortable seats and couch areas (and they often put a dish of water outside for your pups!) Both have a huge selection of coffees, flavors, syrups and a boatload of desserts that I always have to stop myself from ordering too many of. Both have super friendly staff. Branford additionally has outdoor seating both in front and out in the back. Perfect for a sunny day.

5. Neighborhood Cafe - New Haven

I have it on good authority this place is awesome. They opened in 2018 and in addition to coffee, they have full breakfast and lunch menus. They have breakfast burritos! (and sandwiches, eggs, salads, etc.) This cute little spot is conveniently located on State St. in East Rock (especially for my friend who lives right above it!)

6. Blue State Coffee - New Haven

I forget now if there are 2 or 3 locations in New Haven but they're all worth checking out. The shop on Wall St. is one of my favs (and among my friends). They have not only a great selection of coffees, but tons of seating areas inside. This is one of my go-to spots to meet clients and customers - good wifi and lots of convenient outlets too. You'll often find a lot of students hanging out here doing work as well. Just be a good patron and buy another coffee if you're here for a long time!

7. The Coffee Pedaler - New Haven

This cute little spot is nestled in a little corner of East Rock (East St @ State St). They specialize in pour overs and other fancy coffees. I also just learned they do wine service now on Fridays and Saturdays so best of both worlds! Why is it called the Pedaler? Check out all the bikes inside! (Also a great spot to ride a bike to).

8. Koffee? - New Haven

Koffee? is your funky, mish-mashed coffee spot you'd expect in a lively college town. They have coffees and teas all day and then they serve beer after 5 pm. You can sit on couches, chairs, or couches, and it all feels like you're in someone's living room. There's also outdoor seating in front and out back. This is a good choice if you're looking for an evening hangout or work session. Here you'll see students and professionals mixed together.

Time to Get Your Fix?

Hopefully you've been to and enjoyed some of these shops as well - are there any I've missed? Let me know in the comments.

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