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The ABCs of New Haven - "D"

Trying to make the best out of your visit to New Haven? It al "D"-pends on where you go.

Delaney's /də'leniz/

Delaney's was a staple of the Westville neighborhood - a local bar and restaurant many people called home. Unfortunately, the building was lost in a fire in 2014 and it seemed all was lost. However, Delaney's ended up bouncing back in 2020 with a new building and re-opening of the beloved spot! Great spot to grab a variety of beers and good, laid back bar food.

Devil's Gear Bike Shop /dɛvəlz gir baɪk ʃap/

Another long-standing New Haven staple is this bike shop, located in Pitkin Plaza downtown on Orange St. In New Haven you'll find tons of avid bicyclists and many of them put a lot of trust in Devil's Gear. It's not a big box store, so you may pay a little more, but the staff interaction and guidance are second to none. They'll help you understand your bike, teach you how to fix a flat, and more.

Devil's Diet Dessert Bar /dɛvəlz daɪət dəzɝt bar/

This new and aesthetically-pleasing dessert bar is (I think) one of the first of its kind in New Haven - come in just for dessert! (They do also have a few tapas, but think of the sugar!) Devil's Diet is on Howe St. across from Rudy's and just down the street from Mamoun's. It's a great date spot - grab a slice of cake or a macaron and some coffee or a glass of wine. They have a nice patio in front for warm evenings, too.

DaLegna x Nolo (də'lɛnjə æt nolo)

Alright, it's not one of the 'famous 3' in New Haven, but, darn it, it's my favorite! DaLegna was originally on State St. not far from Modern Pizza, but ended up closing and merging with/becoming Nolo, further down on State St. in the location of the old Jet Drycleaners (hence why their website is I was even more pleased that they kept their same pizza standards when they moved. The Torina and the Clark St. pizza are two of my favorites. They even do gluten free and vegan pizzas as well. I also love the vibes inside - industrial, but crushed velvet seats and even a cool upstairs area with cozy nooks. And, always a plus, a parking lot!!

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