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The ABCs of New Haven - "C"

What should you "C" in New Haven? (I'm sorry, I have plenty of these puns lying in wait).

College Street Music Hall /'kɑlɪdʒ strit 'mjuzɪk hɔl/

The theater opened in 2015 and took the place of the old Palace Theater. Now it can fit 2000 guests per show with a mix of music and comedy. (I saw Aziz Ansari here back in 2019). View from the very back (where I sat) is a bit far, but overall a very nice place to catch a show and prices have not been exorbitant.

City Seed /sɪdi sid/

From their website,

CitySeed’s mission is to engage the community in growing an equitable, local food system that promotes economic development, community development and sustainable agriculture.

They run farmers markets throughout the year to provide people of all income levels with fresh and locally grown produce. You can find them running markets in Wooster Square, Edgewood, Downtown and Fair Haven, and they even run indoor winter markets at local schools. Click here to find out when and where you can find one of their markets. And, coincidentally, City Seed's home base is actually in the office right next door to mine on Grand Ave!

Cafe 9 /kæfe nɑɪn/

Cafe 9, on the corner of Crown and State, is a long-standing, small music venue that has continued to bring people together with their love of music. You'll find a mix of local and national bands here with a cozy feel and tickets are almost always $25 and under (sometimes free). Definitely a place with good vibes.

Criterion Cinemas /krɑɪtiriən sɪnəməz/

If you're looking to catch a national movie in New Haven, Criterion is your main choice! (There's Cine 4 on Middletown Ave but they primarily show indie films). They just reopened on 8/13/21! They also periodically show classic movies which is fun to catch (saw Ghostbusters a few years ago).

Claire's Corner Copia /klerz kornɚ kopiə/

Claire's is the long-running vegetarian staple restaurant in New Haven. They're awesome at catering to many dietary restrictions and allergies - gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, no-egg, etc. Great spot for any meal including grabbing a pastry on your walk around New Haven. They have tons of options that can even satisfy the non-dietary-restricted people in your group.

Cedarhurst Cafe /sidɚhɝst kæfe/

Cedarhurst Cafe is an excellent spot to grab a morning coffee or smoothie, some breakfast or lunch! They are not strictly vegetarian but they do err on that side. My friend told me this weekend that they have allowed dogs inside as well! (Double check that before bringing your favorite pup). They have tons of great options to keep you hydrated and full.

Chapel St /tʃæpəl strit/

Chapel St. is one of the only (maybe the only?) street that crosses through 6 different neighborhoods in New Haven (Westville, Edgewood, Dwight, Downtown, Wooster Square and Fair Haven). All but Downtown Chapel are residential while on Chapel St. Downtown you can find Barracuda, The Yale Center for British Art, Union League Cafe, Claire's Corner Copia, Zinc, Arethusa, and more. It's definitely a street you should make yourself familiar with if you're in the New Haven area!

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