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The ABCs of New Haven - "B"

Where should you B in New Haven?


To make things easy, this restaurant/bar/nightclub is simply called BAR.

Surprisingly hidden back room

Even though they're not one of the 'big 3' pizza places in New Haven, BAR is one of the better known spots, kind of like the 5th Beatle. They're probably best known for their mashed potato and bacon pizza. They also have one of the best salads around (mostly because it includes pears and candied walnuts yummm). BAR is split into three areas - a dining area, a bar area (where they brew their own!), and a rear room (seen above) which doubles as a dance club on the weekend. Fun fact: first time I came here, I was looking for the dance area and it's so well soundproofed/angled that I literally couldn't find it (it's through the bar area and past the bathrooms).

Bella's Cafe

Bella's is one of the prime brunch spots in New Haven, right in the heart of Westville.

Bella's is open for breakfast and lunch, and brunch on the weekends. Some local reviews include:

"Bella's cafe is a true hidden gem."
"Bella's is SUCH a joy."
"Let me tell you it's worth the wait."

It's a great spot to grab a mimosa and french toast any time of the year.

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Though currently closed due to Covid to visitors, Beinecke is an awe-inspiring library that offers occasional tours throughout the year (it's not open normally to the general public).

The library is one of the largest of its kind and was built in 1963. It houses collections such as several original copies of the Gutenberg Bible, books by Charles Dickens, Edith Wharton, and Benjamin Franklin.


Picture from the event I went to recently. So much food!

This cute Latin American spot on the corner of Park and Chapel is a great dinner spot - colorful cocktails and an impressive menu including arepas, yucca, sandwiches, and more. I was recently here for an event and got to try a number of items - so good! I definitely recommend the steak arepas and salchipapas.


This small, split street is in the heart of downtown New Haven. While it's not known for its theaters like in NYC, it is home to the Shops at Yale, the Apple store, the Yale bookstore, Sherkaan Indian, and a large parking lot dividing the street in half. There's also a patio space south of the parking area where there will occasionally be music performances as well.


Did you spend your pre-teen and teenage years feeding quarters into machines? Time to re-live those spending sprees with Barcade, except now with beer! Barcade is a small chain of bar/arcades aimed at the 21+ crowd (no kids allowed here). The one in New Haven has over 60 games (both cabinet games, pinball, and a few racers) and a full bar with lots on tap and a few snacks to go with them.

Beaver Hills (Neighborhood)

Beaver Hills is in the eastern half of New Haven, encompassed by Ella Grasso Boulevard (generally referred to as "The Boulevard" by locals), Goffe Terrace, and Crescent St. It's close to Southern CT State U (SCSU) and the southeast corner comprises the Beaver Hills Historic District. Here you'll find many brick colonials and tudor-style homes with, according to wikipedia, one of the best collections of early 20th century garages (in case you were a fan of garage history).

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