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Thanksgiving Q+A

I was curious what people’s take was on a few different Thanksgiving related questions. I posted a poll online – it’s always interesting to me to see what people like to eat, don’t like to eat, and what their traditions are surrounding holidays. I love Thanksgiving, primarily for the ridiculous amount of food (especially when I don’t have to cook most of it) but also to see some family I don’t get to see very often (this year we’re supposed to have about 16 people at the gathering – I grew up with pretty much just 3 of us each year). I love a good party/get together so I’m pumped. But let’s see how others feel…

Question 1 – What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Starch always wins

People generally preferred mashed potatoes the most. I’m a huge fan of sweet potatoes (in all forms) but can definitely get behind the love of mashed potatoes. They just feel endless every time! Can’t say I’ve heard of cream of peanut soup, but the person did indicate it was a colonial recipe.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

The clear winners here are pie and any type (with a little cheesecake trying to keep up). I’d never associated cheesecake with Thanksgiving so that one was interesting to see. The “other” section included pudding and cookies, among others.

What time do you usually have Thanksgiving dinner?

I’d be included in that 2-5 range. Usually I’m completely stuffed, but I know plenty of people who plan well and have dinner during that time and room for leftovers at 8 pm – early turkey sandwich action. Couldn’t really explain why every year (at different locations) we’ve always kind of eaten around 3 pm but it seems like the trend.

What do you refuse to eat on Thanksgiving?

Big variety here, though most people said there’s nothing they won’t eat! A number of the n/a people did say that they cook Thanksgiving dinner and won’t cook anything they wouldn’t eat anyway. There were some vegetarians/vegans in the mix I would guess. Have to say I’m really surprised at that one person who refuses to eat rolls (unless they’re just annoyed at the ‘filler’…otherwise, have you met a person who doesn’t like rolls??)

What’s your least favorite part of Thanksgiving?

I’m not surprised about the number one answer for this, but what a bummer! Holidays do tend to be stressful with regards to families and ‘obligations.’ When you factor in parents, step-families, in-laws, siblings, children, friends…it can really get to be a headache. Hopefully those who answered that family was their least favorite part make it safely (and sanely) through the holiday!

Where do you usually have Thanksgiving dinner?

These results didn’t surprise me too much, either. Most people go to a relative’s house (safe – less cleanup and work for you!) and a number of people stay home or have guests over. I’ve hosted twice in previous years which wasn’t too bad and this year we’re visiting cousins. The other responses included in-laws’ house, boyfriend’s house, a split between home/relatives, and ‘it varies each year.’

Overall, I didn’t get a lot of ‘out there’ answers, but it was still interesting to see what people’s normal Thanksgiving looks like. Most people love mashed potatoes and don’t love being forced to see relatives. What are your answers for these? Have a favorite pie? Any unique Thanksgiving stories? I’d love to hear them.

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