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RIP Fall, Time for Soup!

If you’re from CT, then hopefully you enjoyed the 4 days of fall we had, because it’s basically winter now.

Comic from The New Yorker, via Facebook

So if you’re cold like me, you probably want some yummy food to warm you up. Here are some personal favorites and some recommendations from friends in the area.

Iishin Ramen Bar (West Haven) – I haven’t been to this one, but many of my friends recommended it and it has great reviews.

Mecha Noodle (New Haven) – Rich broth, plenty of options, fun drinks as well. Hip ambiance, often with Michael Jackson or some hip hop playing in the background. Can get fairly busy, especially on weekends.

The Soup Girl (Hamden) – Also haven’t been here but I’ve gotten so many recommendations from friends and folks online so it must be awesome. It’s pretty much a take-out place but worth stopping by and picking up some soup to bring home for a warm evening on the couch.

Funju Noodle Bar (Wallingford) – This is probably my favorite in the area. It’s in a small plaza and all the options are delicious. Pork, fish, vegan, they have plenty to choose from. I’ve been happy every time I’ve gone. Appetizers are very good, too.

Any favorite soup/ramen/pho places I missed? Let me know! Stay warm! Eat soup!

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