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PARK on Crown – New Haven’s New Biergarten

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that when I’m not working on real estate, I LOVE checking out new restaurants and bars in the area, especially in New Haven. There are only a handful of spots I have yet to try.

One of the newest additions downtown is PARK on Crown, which used to be a private parking garage next to BAR. (Wouldn’t life be easier if every store or establishment just had its purpose in big, neon letters? DOCTOR. NAILS. BANK.) Anyway, the space has been completely reimagined into sort of an ‘indoor biergarten’ (I put that in quotes because I think by definition a biergarten is supposed to be outdoors, but it’s still a very cool spot!) To make up for not being outdoors, they have an entire living wall – all sorts of plants lining the entire wall.

When you first enter, there are a number of couches and comfy chairs organized into nooks and groups so you can relax alone or with friends. As you move to the back of the place, you find the large, square bar with seating all around and plenty of additional tables. The space is open and inviting, but not sparse. They have a number of beers on tap in addition to an assortment of wines and cocktails. They also do serve food in case you’re hungry; their main options are what they refer to as ‘pies’ which look a bit like an empanada or calzone. Haven’t tried any yet but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

The vibe here is really great – patrons are friendly as are the bartenders. Plenty of drink and seating choices. They close at midnight on the weekends which is earlier than most other spots downtown, but this probably helps cut down on excessive drinking and other late night drama. Definitely check this place out next time you’re in New Haven!

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