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If I’d Only Known (Pt. 2)

Last week I posted the first part of this series, focusing on the location and surroundings that you should make note of when buying a home. Today’s entry will focus on the interior and things you may not notice on first glance.

I’m on the outside… I’m looking in…

Remember Aaron Lewis? No? The 2000s were rough, it’s ok.

Don’t believe her. She’s hiding a hole in her ceiling.

So you’ve just taken a tour of a home and it’s PERFECT*! It has everything you want! It has walls! It has FLOORS. You’re sold. But wait! What does that weird light switch do in the hallway? Why is there only ONE outlet in your kitchen? These are things you’d want to check out at least during a home inspection. I’m pretty sure there have been entire sitcom episodes dedicated to figuring out what that one light switch controls. (*no home is perfect! I promise!)

Another thing to consider is storage space. As one of my friends amusingly put it, “Your belongings are gaseous – they will expand to fill their container.” (This was said about her particular husband’s belongings, but let’s assume it goes for a lot of people…) It is true though – over time, we often amass more items and things and they you’ll have to come up with more places to store them, especially if you have children. How many closets does the house have? Is there a basement (does it stay dry?) Attic? (Does it get too hot?) Storage space in the garage?

Here’s where I keep my family heirlooms

Related, consider the layout of the house and the individual rooms. Here’s a point of contention in my house – I LOVE rearranging. It always feels like a new room when I do it. My husband detests it and wants each room to just be done and set forever. If you’re like me and want the option for multiple layouts, see if the rooms allow for it. Are there closets and doorways in weird spots? Are there dormers that prevent you from having your dresser where you’d like it? I’ve definitely gone through many properties with buyers and noticed the master bedroom would accommodate ONE layout (if even that!) What size bed do you have (or would you prefer?) Will a king size bed fit in the master? I lived with a friend for a few years and I actually had the bigger bedroom because her bed wouldn’t fit correctly in the larger room due to my room having 2 closets. I’ve even seen master bedrooms without closets!

Finally, something to keep in mind is the number of bathrooms. Let’s say you live alone – one bathroom sounds like plenty. It’s only you, less to clean, etc. But then you have some friends over for a gathering and they’re all using your bathroom. Or there’s a plumbing issue and your only toilet is shot (this happened to my old roommate and me once!) Now I know that having an additional half or full bathroom is related to your budget, but if you can swing it, I’d almost always recommend having that additional extra bath in the house.

Your friends might find out you have no idea how to shower!

My final, upcoming post will delve into some of the home repairs and maintenance you might not be aware of how quickly those costs can add up. Anything else you’d recommend paying attention to inside the house? Comment and let me know!

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