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Antique Connecticut Home – One on One

One thing you may notice in Connecticut is there is a LOT of love for old and antique homes. They’re an obviously limited resource but there are so many gorgeous ones around the state. Sure, some of them need a lot of work and updating, but many are in great condition from people who have already put in their dollars and sweat.

Recently, I spoke with two friends of mine who purchased their antique home in 2018. I’ve been to their house a number of times and it has that beautiful look with many original features (and plenty of updates!)

So pretty after a snowfall!

So let’s find out a bit more about this antique home!

Property Info

The home was built circa 1735 but, interestingly, was moved (down the road!) in 1948 to be further from the main road. The foundation, plumbing, and electrical are all from the 1950s.

There are 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and FOUR fireplaces on approximately 1 acre of land. Last year my friends had a MOOSE on their property. I had never heard of a moose in Connecticut before that! They also have gotten bears and I was over once when we spotted an adorable mom and baby deer.

The deer sadly do not come with the house (but will probably show up). Look at that baby!!

Original Features

The home still has original beams in the basement and attic. “The fireplaces are original and have been repointed and lined for current use. Some of the floors are original and some wood paneling is original.” I recently went to their house for dinner and we cooked everything (including dessert) in one of their fireplaces! Really, pretty amazing.

Make bread, dinner, and dessert right in the fire!

Positives & Negatives

What do my friends love about their old home? “The immense character and plethora of fireplaces. We have 4 fireplaces and they all serve a purpose! Also, knowing the history of the home is pretty interesting.”

What’s not so great? “Our home has been fully restores so we don’t have as many challenges as other homeowners, however drafts are common in older homes and even with insulation, our house can still be drafty.” Also make sure to “check big ticket items like septic tank (if it has one), roof, and condition of all major and structural items/utilities” which is good advice for any home!

Do you have to be handy to own an antique home? “Not necessarily, but it depends on the condition of the house. Some older homes need renovations and upkeep but others do not. IT really depends on the condition of the house and how well the owners maintained it.” (I think she’s downplaying how many cool things she and her husband have done to update their house!)

Beautiful redone fireplace. You wouldn’t believe how warm this room is!!

Cozy and warm dining room fireplace

Hopefully you enjoyed learning about this antique Connecticut home. It’s very cool to be inside and think that there over 200 years of history in its walls.

What are your thoughts on antique homes? Big fan? Looking for something more modern?

As an aside, I met a woman last year who had just moved to CT from either North or South Carolina. She was complaining about her new rental because it was “very old.” Intrigued, I asked when it was built. “1967.” Welcome to Connecticut 😉

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