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A Few Quick FYIs

(Even though pluralizing FYI gives me grammar chills)

Buyers’ agents are FREE

There are still buyers out there who think they have to pay to use a realtor. UNTRUE!!

Anyway, back to the tip – buyers’ agents are free. Yes, we still get paid, but the money comes out of the total purchase price from the seller’s side. It’s not an additional cost you pay to use my services.

Also, everything else I do is free, basically, too. Want my advice? Free. Want a market analysis to see what your home is worth? Free. Want to call me literally every day with a new question? A little tiring, but free! Even as a seller, you don’t pay me anything until we close and I receive a commission. There are no fees to write a contract or put your listing on the MLS.

If you’re a buyer, I ALWAYS recommend using a realtor (yes, yes, slight bias towards myself) but it’s in your best interest, especially if the seller is using a realtor. A seller’s realtor works for…the seller! They’re not going to try to help you or get you the best deal – they have allegiance to the seller. It’s like playing tennis except you are trying to play without a racket. That’s silly, and your hand will hurt.

oh why didn’t I bring a racket?

I don’t have to see your bank account or your income!

Your lender needs to see these things, but as your realtor, I don’t. If you’re getting a mortgage, I need to see your pre-approval which generally just says “You’re approved for a purchase up to $__________.” (I mean, I have to know what price house you can look at). But otherwise, I never need to know your income or what you have in savings. Those are things that only the bank needs to see. So if you’re nervous about using a friend as a realtor, just know they are not going to suddenly learn every intimate detail about your money (though, side note, I do think it’s good to talk with friends about money – it’s only taboo because bosses think you shouldn’t discuss it!)

As always, feel free to ask me questions or contact me if you’d like me to give you a free market analysis to see what your home is worth. FREE free. No cost. Gratis.

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