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Hello and welcome! My name is Meredith and I’d love to help you on your search for the perfect home or apartment or help you sell. What’s there to know about me?

  • Before you ask, my last name is pronounced "uh DAH tay." :)    (ᵊ'ᵈᵃᵗᵉ if you're into phonetics! If you're not, it's still written that way).

  • Why real estate? I love houses! I love people! I love people in houses. Honestly, I love working with and helping people and I also love to see houses and properties. I am a homeowner myself (bought in 2017) so I've been through the process, too!

  • I grew up in Connecticut and have lived in New Haven county for the past 12 years (in various cities) so I’m very familiar with the area.​

  • I am an animal lover who’s had 4 cats and 1 dog over the years (I would love to meet your pets at a listing appointment - or at least see some photos!)

  • I am a trivia buff – I’ve played trivia at local bars/restaurants (and hosted here and there) for the last 9 years, almost every week. I love learning random facts and tidbits.

  • I’m a musician! I play piano, bass, and guitar. I also love listening to music and trying to keep up with what’s new.

  • I love food (who doesn’t?) and checking out new restaurants (and old favorites) in the area. If you ever need a recommendation for restaurants with pretty much any type of cuisine, I’m your go-to lady. (You can find me on Yelp, as well!) 

  • I'm conversational in Spanish and currently learning ASL. 




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